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Keeping people safe

Keeping people safe should be at the top of your priority list during the winter months. As the UK’s leading specialist provider of winter gritting and snow clearing services, we cannot stress how critical it is to meet your duty of care when it comes to keeping your sites safe and compliant.

You may have had to scrape the car windscreen this morning due to the low temperatures experienced across the UK.…

Winter gritting salt

Every year the UK spreads millions of tonnes of winter gritting salt on our roads, pavements and car parks to battle the icy conditions of a UK winter. But why do we use winter gritting salt?

sustainable winter gritting and snow clearing

At OUTCO we endeavour to be environmentally friendly and adopt a more sustainable approach to winter gritting.

Winter gritting car park

As the winter gritting and snow clearing experts, OUTCO is here to support you and make sure your sites remain safe, compliant and operational throughout the winter.

Competitive winter gritting

At OUTCO we offer three competitive winter gritting costing options to suit your needs and budget.

Pavement clear after winter gritting

OUTCO answers your top five most popular winter gritting and snow clearing questions.

White winter gritting salt

Learn about advantages and disadvantages of white and brown winter gritting salt.

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