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As the winter gritting and snow clearing experts, OUTCO is here to support you and make sure your sites remain safe, compliant and operational throughout the winter.


Outsourcing facilities management (FM) is a sensible choice for facility managers who may not have the skills or apparatus inhouse and still need to get the job done. Using a company which bundles multiple services can bring even bigger benefits. So let’s take a look at what this could mean for your business

OUTCO builds mutually beneficial partnerships that work

Cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships means establishing strong working relationships, understanding client needs and requirements, and guaranteeing we build the right client solutions.

OUTCO Places People First

We place people at the centre of everything we do and by holding true to our ‘customers first’ way of working, we cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.

OUTCO Building

With OUTCO as your trusted outdoor estate management partner, we safeguard you against predictable operational, financial and reputational risk, allowing you to fully focus on your own business.


OUTCO received very favourable publicity in the industry this week, with articles in Facilities Management Journal, Building & Facilities Management, IFM, and Horticulture Week, with Construction and Civil Engineering also covering OUTCO

outco bundled convenience

OUTCO are UK’s first end-to-end estate compliance solution powered by smart technology, providing a full range of grounds maintenance, surfacing, infrastructure, EV and winter services to our clients, nationwide. With our bundled service offering from a single provider, the integrated OUTCO approach provides clients with efficiency, performance and convenience.

gritit outco

Following the recent acquisition of the nation’s leading surfacing and engineering business, GRITIT Group says the OUTCO brand reflects the company’s evolution into “the UK’s leading outdoor estate compliance experts with a new and unique service offering,” as well as its “breadth of expertise,” which includes a full range of technology-enabled infrastructure, winter and grounds compliance services

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