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Winter gritting salt in warehouse

Do you know if your winter gritting provider uses pre-bagged or non-bagged winter gritting salt? It’s worth asking them this question!

Ambulances, NHS and emergency service

OUTCO is proud to provide winter gritting and snow clearing services to our NHS and emergency services, ensuring they are kept safe and operational through the winter months.

Book your winter services

Don’t get caught out over the festive period and make sure you’ve booked your winter services.

White winter gritting salt

As well as ensuring sites are safe, compliant and operational, we also support our clients to achieve their sustainable goals.

Winter gritting and technology

OUTCO are the winter gritting experts, and we utilise the latest smart technology and weather forecasting models to ensure we deliver the very best winter services to our clients.

Top 5 Most Worrying Winter Gritting Questions

Every year we read a huge amount of winter gritting questions and snow clearing articles. Some are insightful and useful, while others are written to grab headlines and spread some panic.

Keeping people safe

Keeping people safe should be at the top of your priority list during the winter months. As the UK’s leading specialist provider of winter gritting and snow clearing services, we cannot stress how critical it is to meet your duty of care when it comes to keeping your sites safe and compliant.

Winter gritting salt

Every year the UK spreads millions of tonnes of winter gritting salt on our roads, pavements and car parks to battle the icy conditions of a UK winter. But why do we use winter gritting salt?

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