Headlights on road

Insights and activities

St Ninians is located in the village of Kelty, East Central Scotland alongside one of the busiest motorways (M90 J4)…

Facility maintenance of car parks and grounds

A well-maintained and tidy site is a reflection of you, your company, and your brand. Ongoing facility maintenance is a key component to ensure your organisation continues to operate efficiently and without risk.

Modern office with plants

As companies re-open their offices and begin to welcome more staff back into the workplace, we’re pleased that business leaders are recognising the benefits of better utilising their outdoor and green spaces. How prepared are you for the office of the future?

Beware of potholes sign

Potholes are a common problem in the UK, especially during the winter months. The repeated freezing and warming of temperatures is the ideal weather pattern which encourage potholes to appear.


Potholes are an ever-present headache and it’s our freezing night-time temperatures combined with warmer daytime conditions that make this time of year the perfect recipe for potholes to appear.

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