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GRITIT Rebrands as OUTCO

Outco LogoGRITIT Group is relaunching under the new brand of OUTCO. Following the recent acquisition of the nation’s leading surfacing and engineering business, GRITIT Group says the OUTCO brand reflects the company’s evolution into “the UK’s leading outdoor estate compliance experts with a new and unique service offering,” as well as its “breadth of expertise,” which includes a full range of technology-enabled infrastructure, winter and grounds compliance services.

OUTCO’s unique combined service offering provides a new way for customers to manage outdoor assets by bringing together multiple outdoor services to ensure enhanced outdoor estate safety, compliance and commercial efficiency.

Recently appointed OUTCO CEO, Andy Barry, said: “The effective management of a company’s outdoor estate can be complex and time-consuming for a business. What we now bring to our clients is a new way of working. A full range of outdoor estate management services procured under a single contract.

“Having one company managing your entire outdoor estate simplifies the whole process and saves time, effort and ultimately, costs. Beyond this, the synergies between services drives real value. Our clients will benefit from a more joined up and proactive approach to risk management and compliance, powered by our innovative leading-edge technology. This ensures greater transparency of both opportunities and risks across sites, more accountability and better service; ultimately a better and safer experience for our clients, customers and staff.”

Born out of a proven heritage in winter gritting and grounds maintenance, OUTCO will continue to base its delivery platform on smart technology. By offering compliance and visibility, OUTCO will offer assurance to its clients that their outdoor estates are safe, compliant and accessible all year round. OUTCO’s patented technology provides real time visibility on service delivery, offering data driven assurance that issues are being resolved, with critical detailed evidence to demonstrate compliance, whilst at the same time, generating internal operational efficiency gains.

Under the new brand, OUTCO will continue to manage more than 7,500 sites, for some of the UKs biggest organisations, including Tesco, BP and the NHS.

Mark Rogerson, Chair of OUTCO said“The launch of OUTCO reflects the spectacular transformation of the Group, which under Total Capital Partner’s ownership has gone from strength to strength and is now a significant force within the FM sector. 

“Generating over £55 million of revenues, OUTCO is a very credible and efficient business and is proving to be an effective growth and market consolidation platform. Our industry-leading operational performance, driven by our in-house technology solutions has created something very special for our fast-growing customer base.”


FMJ Facilities Management Journal 

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