Winter Operative Training

Welcome to your Winter Operative Training

1. What best describes RAMS?
2. Factors that play a role in winter weather:
3. How do we combat winter hazards?
4. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
5. Severity of hazards are determined by which factor?
6. Applications levels depend on several factors. Select the correct one:
7. Which of these statements is INCORRECT?
8. Which of these statements is CORRECT?
9. Why do we delay service?
10. If rain is forecast throughout the night… (select the CORRECT statement)
11. Which statement applies to the role of an operator?
12. As for your role and expectations, which of these statements applies?
13. What should we be mindful of when working at night? Select the CORRECT statement.
14. On a typical work night, what should you NOT do?
15. If you are feeling tired and need to take a break, what should you do?
16. On the generic Winter Risk Assessment, what do we do to improve a risk matrix?
17. When marine salt mixes with moisture...
18. What best describes a Method statement?
19. Where will you find the list of PPE requirements for winter maintenance?
20. Once done with your route for the night, what is the first thing you should do?