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EV Charging

OUTCO offers clients a complete end to end service for EV installation. From the ducting and installation of the electrical units to the commissioning and line marking of the electric bays, OUTCO can assist with all stages of the process

EV Charging Services

Our national expertise delivers the best EV solution for your business – now and for the future. At home and in business, everyone uses the knowledge and skills of experts. The challenge is always selecting the right partner.

OUTCO are the Outdoor Estate Compliance Experts, protecting, maintaining and improving outdoor estate infrastructure. OUTCO are proud to offer our clients a complete end to end service for EV installation. From the ducting and installation of the electrical units to the commissioning and line marking of the electric bays, OUTCO can assist with all stages of the process. Working with multiple leading manufacturers of EV charging units across the UK, OUTCO can advise on the best solution for each client with a range of options which are not limited by a single manufacturer.

OUTCO EV specialists can ensure a car park and EV charging location is designed for maximum efficiency and enhanced customer experience. Our design teams maximise the area of a car park to its full potential, ensuring the optimum number of charging points and general car parking. We work closely with clients to optimise the design of their car park taking into consideration elements such as the best location for efficiency, minimising risk of trips or falls due to the units or cables, maximising the usage by ensuring they are accessible to multiple vehicles and not just one and minimising risk of damage should they be struck by a vehicle.

Our team will complete a full survey of each outdoor estate, to ensure the most appropriate and effective EV solution is created to suit every budget.

Expert advice

Identifying who will be charging and for how long is the most important factor in recommending charge type and supplier. There are many factors that contribute to the decision of a chosen unit, from visitor time and distance to speed of charge and cost. OUTCO experts can advise and recommend the most appropriate unit ideal for each customer and individual site.

Quality Installation

Renowned for our outdoor estates expertise, we offer a joined up EV charging solution which delivers efficiency, convenience and peace of mind to our clients through a single contractor, a complete end to end solution for anyone investing in EV charging. OUTCO offer a unique service for EV charging with all elements of an installation covered. Alternatively we can also assist with specific elements of an installation such as the ducting or line marking process.


Once your EV charge points are installed, OUTCO signage can help drivers locate EV charge points, with highly effective directional messaging and clearly marked EV parking bays. OUTCO experienced surveyors can carry out site assessments and make recommendations to help clients understand the most suitable options available to them. In addition, OUTCO understand the impact of these works and can carry out any installation works 24/7 to ensure that we complete any works with the minimum inconvenience to customers and colleagues.


Our dedicated team offer charger maintenance, aftercare and support to our customers, ensuring all EV charge points operate smoothly 24/7. OUTCO are always on hand to ensure that our customers’ electric vehicle charge points run as smoothly as the day they were installed. We offer a range of maintenance packages to suit every budget.

Measuring impact

Short distance road transport makes up 11% of global emissions and has a significant impact on climate change. The availability of electric vehicle models and charge point networks is becoming increasingly important to reduce emissions pollution.

As part of our commitment to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint, we can measure and record the impact that the move to EV has on a business.

EV Charging away from home

Over 40% of households do not have a driveway where they can charge their electric car from, so workplace and retail/leisure charging will become essential for many people in the future.

Unrivalled experience and expertise

Trusted partners to the majority of the UK’s major companies OUTCO operate in the retail, petrochemicals, public services, property and facilities management industries.

OUTCO operates with the utmost integrity and invests in its people to ensure that they have the skills, knowledge and capability to deliver complex projects again and again across multiple sites around the UK. OUTCO currently manages in excess of 7,500 sites for our clients nationwide.

We make things simple

Managing the complex requirements of clients operating outdoor estates takes significant time, effort and resource. We remove this burden and ensure that our clients operate in a safe and compliant fashion so they can focus on their core business.

We keep our customers’ outdoor estates running smoothly, looking good and operating like clockwork come rain, shine or snow, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Year after year.

OUTCO EV Design and Choice

OUTCO’s trained operatives will recommend the most appropriate and cost efficient solution for a business.

EV Charging Signposting for EV installations charging units

OUTCO offers clients an end-to-end solution for EV charging systems, with experience in design, installation, signposting and maintenance, our team can assist every step of the way.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we offer a full maintenance package for our EV installations.

OUTCO Ev charging for businesses

OUTCO is proud to offer a complete end-to-end service for EV installation, from the ducting and installation of the electrical units to the commissioning and line marking of the electric bays.

We protect, maintain and improve your outdoor estate infrastructure

Our complete range of services ensure your organisation looks good and runs like clockwork come rain, shine or snow, keeping you one step ahead of regulatory and operational compliance.

At A Glance
Outdoor estate compliance

Outdoor estate compliance

Our validated services cover all the bases keeping your outdoor estate running smoothly, looking good and compliant managing your essential outdoor estate infrastructure.

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