Weed, Leaf & Litter Clearing

Weed, Leaf & Litter Clearing

OUTCO believes in the importance of creating a well maintained environment. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of garden maintenance services to ensure the grounds outside your facilities are expertly sustained, which include litterpicking. With a vast experience of maintaining grounds of all shapes and sizes, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide customers with a high quality service.


Weed, Leaf & Litter Clearing

Our grounds maintenance teams which attend your estates offer weed, leaf and wlitterpicking services as a standard part of your contract. On a fortnightly basis from April to October, maintenance tasks including grass cutting, hedge cutting, litter picking and weed control are carried out. Once a month in winter, tasks such as leaf clearing, sweeping and pruning are undertaken. OUTCO also offers a broad range of bespoke specific litter picking and cleaning services. We can litterpick daily, weekly or monthly or times to suit you.

As part of our service and our proactive approach to maintaining grounds we produce regular service reports. The electronic reports are completed by the grounds team after each visit and describe the work carried out, highlight issues and requests, and include recommendations for further improvements to the grounds and gardens. The reports are created using bespoke software installed on PDAs. The software provides the ability to take photos, draw diagrams, obtain signatures, record the time spent on site and much more. The reports are available in real time.

Hard standings weed clearing

Cracks in hard standings, between paving and less worn areas at the edges of car parks, paths and drives are usually colonized remarkably quickly by unwanted vegetative growth and weeds. This can make the hard standing area unslightly, uneven or slippery when wet. Other primitive growths such as moss and algae can also build up in hard standings. OUTCO controls these through proactive weeding and maintenance.

It is always quite remarkable just where weeds and moss manage to find a foothold on life! Darwin coined the term ‘survival of the fittest’, and whilst he may not quite have had your hard standing car park in mind, hard standings such as gravel or block-paved driveways, paths, patios and tennis courts seem to amazingly and happily produce lots of weeds – especially during the spring and summer as the temperatures increase. OUTCO ensures that your car park stays weed free as the state of your car park is important for making the best first impression possible to your clients. A weed free hard standing car park area is tidy, clear and safe for both drivers and pedestrians. And if there are fixes to be done, our small works department is here for you too.

Bed & Border Weed clearing

Bed and border weeding will vary depending on the situation encountered. For example, the approach for controlling weeds in lawn or sports turf will vary from the approach taken on hardstandings. In addition to these situations there may be a number of reasons for undertaking bed and border weeding. Measures are often applied for aesthetic reasons but equally to reduce competition for resources such as light, water and nutrients, this is especially important in newly planted shrub beds, herbaceous borders or wildflower areas. Weeds may also need controlling for health and safety reasons. On amenity sites this could be to maintain clear pedestrian and vehicular routes and to create clear sight lines.

Litterpicking teams

As well as offering a daily litter picking service to retail parks and shopping centres, OUTCO also offers:

  • Carpark litter picking
  • Facility litter picking
  • Hospital litter picking
  • Housing development litter picking
  • Leisure complex litter picking
  • Manual litter picking
  • Retail shopping centre litter picking
  • School/college ground litter picking
  • Shopping centre litter picking
  • Stadium litter picking

Compliant teams

Health & Safety is a top priority for OUTCO. All our operatives are fully equipped with the latest PPE and the correct safety equipment. We carry our RAMS (Risk Assessment / Method Statements). We will always carry out a site survey prior to the litter picking process and we will ensure work is carried out with the least disruption to our clients managing agents and centre managements.

OUTCO staff are well trained and wear company uniform. They will act as an independent pair of eyes whilst on site and will report any issues to you so they can be dealt with straight away. In addition to our grounds maintenance services, we have a dedicated landscaping team and can offer site designs for anything, from new builds to complete overhauls of existing grounds. A typical litterpicking visit may include:

  • Cleaning car parks of litter
  • Hand picking debris from car parks, around planters and landscaping
  • Emptying litter containers and ashtrays situated on pavements
  • Emptying and relining bins
  • Hand blowing and hand sweeping pavements

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Outdoor estate compliance

Outdoor estate compliance

Our validated services cover all the bases keeping your outdoor estate running smoothly, looking good and compliant managing your essential outdoor estate infrastructure.