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Small Works Pavement Repair

Pavement crack repair cannot usually be done by property owners or managers without access to specialist tools, equipment, operatives and products required to do the job properly. OUTCO is here to help you – quickly!

Small Works Pavement Repair

For a facility manager tasked with health and safety compliance, cracked pavements need to be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure public safety and to mitigate liability. Even a minor crack in the pavement can be the cause of a health and safety hazard which may have severe financial implications for both organisations and individuals – as clarified by recent statements from The Health and Safety Executive, which indicate personal liability for professional Health and Safety failings.

If you notice a crack in your asphalt, don’t wait for it to create bigger problems. Take the time to find the right team before making any hasty decisions and find a company that will back up their work with an industry leading warranty. Contact OUTCO to learn more about how our experienced team can prevent that unsightly crack from becoming a much bigger problem in the near future.

Why do pavements deteriorate?

Pavements deteriorate for a variety of reasons, from surface cracking to weather damage and underground issues. In cases of asphalt pavements, lack of foundation, winter and heavy usage bring about different cracks and damages. With concrete paths, fine cracks on the surface indicate that the concrete dried off too quickly when it was poured. The constant exposure to environmental stress such as dirt, air, and water can work on the cracks and make them wider, and improper drainage can cause water to seep into cracks that freeze in early winter, causing a widening of the cracks. If your walkway already seems to be collapsing, its cause may also be underground. For example, the roots of a nearby tree might be pushing your footpath, and for that, slab replacement won’t work.

OUTCO takes pride in providing top quality pavement repair, taking care of all your needs with utmost care and precision

OUTCO takes pride in providing long-lasting pavement repair, taking care of all your needs with utmost care and precision. Key benefits of choosing OUTCO include:

Common types of pavement damage

Pavement repair might seem like something you can leave for another day, but if you notice a crack, you’d be well advised to take action immediately. Cracks in your pavement can lead to much more severe issues later. While you won’t have a problem finding a pavement repair team in the UK, it’s worth noting that there is a gulf in the quality, standard and professionalism in the industry. Repairing or replacing pavements is not as simple as filling it with sand and hoping for the best. Learning a little about what to look for in a pavement repair specialist will help ensure that your project gets done the right way the first time.

Pavement deterioration

Cracks alone aren’t often a source of great frustration. The real problems arise when water seeps through the crack. Once water flows through a crack in the asphalt, the two biggest and most frequent problems are depressions and heaving. Ensure that your car park catch basin is in good repair in order to achieve adequate drainage of your parking area. This way, water flows where it needs to go rather than sitting on your pavement, eroding it.

Pavement depression

Depressions are commonly caused by water getting under the pavement through a crack. Once the asphalt has been penetrated, there is often nothing stopping the water from eroding the foundation soil. Should the foundation soil migrate, the pavement no longer has anything firm to rest on, which can cause it to sink in. Depressions can very quickly become potholes, and potholes can be hazardous to employees, customers, and vehicles.

Pavement heaving

Water that gets under the pavement may not cause the soil to erode. It can instead saturate the earth. Should the soil be saturated during a freeze-thaw cycle, the expanding ice can heave the surface asphalt up, creating dangerous obstacles over the surface.

The OUTCO difference

OUTCO will ensure that your outdoor estate is carefully monitored and managed seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, to ensure clients remain safe, compliant and fully operational at all times. Our dedicated pavement repair team provide a speedy and highly effective service to ensure that facility managers have one less thing to worry about.

OUTCO provides offers options for the use of sustainable products to minimise any environmental impact . We combine our unrivalled estate knowledge with the latest innovative technology to achieve the ideal pavement repair solution.

As a national supplier of choice, OUTCO is the perfect partner for facility management companies seeking a professional, reliable and highly efficient pavement repair service.

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