Winter roads

Winter Services

OUTCO provides a complete range of winter services to keep outdoor estates free of snow and ice, ensuring sites remain safe, compliant and operational even through the harshest of winters. From gritting to snow clearance, our winter services come with a full audit trail and automatic indemnity for protection against claims

Winter Services

OUTCO are trusted partners to the majority of the UK’s major companies operating in the retail, petrochemicals, public services, property and facilities management industries. Managing the complex requirements of clients operating outdoor estates takes significant time, effort and resource. We remove this burden and ensure that our clients operate in a safe and compliant fashion so they can focus on their core business, no matter the weather. 

It is the employers responsibility to ensure workplaces are safe and without risks to either workers or visitors on the site. If incidents occur, employers place themselves at risk of legal action. At OUTCO, we work with our clients all year round to ensure their sites remain safe and compliant. 

OUTCO weather forecasting

OUTCO services are powered by data, which is why we use MetDesk – a leading global private weather company that specialises in industry and location-specific forecast models. This provides us with outstanding forecasting accuracy of temperature and site conditions and offers the most detailed UK weather areas. 

Ground temperature activation

OUTCO uses real-time weather forecasting tools to ensure high level temperature accuracy. With each customer and for every site we agree a road surface trigger temperature appropriate to the location and conditions on the ground and service when this temperature is forecast. 

Cost options

We understand that every site and company is different, which is why our service is bespoke and based on the specifics of each individual site. OUTCO offers clients the choice between fixed cost winter gritting services, cost per visit winter gritting services or a bespoke hybrid price. 

Transparent winter service

Our comprehensive range of services provides clients with total peace of mind and offers complete visibility and control 365 days a year. OUTCO provides automatic notifications and reports to designated contacts for each site through our technology platform. No matter where you are, our transparent service ensures you can gain immediate visibility and demonstrate that your legal duty of care is being met. 

LANTRA-certified training provider

We are the UK’s only LANTRA-certified training provider for our winter services training programme, delivered by our in-house accredited trainers. We are also a BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries) registered organisation and we take pride in ensuring our employees are provided with all the relevant training, and professional development needed to succeed. 

Unrivalled customer service

During the winter season, our dedicated helpdesk is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can always get through to us on the phone or via our dedicated digital helpdesk. Even during the seasonal wintery peaks when we may get thousands of calls an hour, our overflow customer service model means that our operations team is always aware of your site needs, regardless of the hour, location or weather conditions. 

Winter salt

OUTCO primarily uses white salt as our main de-icing agent, due to white salt being highly effective, clean to use and more environmentally friendly than brown salt. Our salt guarantee ensures we will never run out and will always be able to support our clients. 

BOSS snow ploughs

OUTCO are the UK importers for BOSS snow ploughs and salt spreaders. BOSS is the number 1 snow plough brand in the USA and are global leaders in designing and manufacturing snow ploughs & high-performance salt spreading equipment. We can support you with all the BOSS equipment you need.  

winter gritting car park

OUTCO offers a nationwide winter gritting service and has an established track record of providing specialist winter services.

Tyre tracks in snow

OUTCO are the experts at clearing snow from car parks, roads and pedestrian areas, ensuring sites remain safe and compliant at all times.

Cars in snow in car park

When space is at a premium, OUTCO can remove snow from your site altogether.

OUTCO winter gritting white salt on ground

OUTCO can provide you with your own grit bins to ensure that you are always prepared for the unexpected.

Winter gritting white salt

OUTCO primarily uses white salt as our main de-icing agent, due to white salt being highly effective and clean to use.

Laboratory testing of winter gritting materials

OUTCO is continuously testing and evaluating bespoke de-icing treatments and new products.

Royal Pavilion at nigh during winter

When working with OUTCO, you can be sure that we are a safety-first business partner.

Logistics site free of ice at night during winter

We may need to finesse our service start and end dates to ensure we maintain your sites to the highest of standards.

We protect, maintain and improve your outdoor estate infrastructure

Our complete range of services ensure your organisation looks good and runs like clockwork come rain, shine or snow, keeping you one step ahead of regulatory and operational compliance.

At A Glance
Outdoor estate compliance

Outdoor estate compliance

Our validated services cover all the bases keeping your outdoor estate running smoothly, looking good and compliant managing your essential outdoor estate infrastructure.

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