Laboratory testing of winter gritting materials

Specialist Gritting Materials

OUTCO is continuously testing and evaluating bespoke de-icing treatments and new products. 

Specialist Gritting Materials

OUTCO primarily uses sustainable white salt as our main de-icing agent, as this material is highly effective. However, we are continuously testing and evaluating bespoke de-icing treatments and new products. 

Low corrosive alternative

As the experts in outdoor estate management, we understand and appreciate how specific locations may need to be managed differently. For example, we have extensive knowledge of the de-icing of rail platforms and over bridges where large volumes of exposed metal and ironwork are present. These surfaces do not react well to corrosion, and by using a low corrosive solution we have improved asset longevity while keeping them safe and compliant. 


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and helping our partners to reduce theirs. Where appropriate we may use an environmentally friendly, low corrosive product as an alternative solution. To further support fragile ecosystems, OUCTO are experts in using de-icing agents that are non-toxic to animals and humans that are a great compromise between effectiveness and price. 

 OUTCO prides itself on having access to many of the best alternatives to salt, and our experts are always ready to advise you on the most appropriate materials and means to ensure that your winter services perform as required. We offer lower-cost alternatives where these are suitable solutions to ensure our customers receive the best value for money. 

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OUTCO offers a nationwide winter gritting service and has an established track record of providing specialist winter services.

Winter gritting white salt

OUTCO primarily uses white salt as our main de-icing agent, due to white salt being highly effective and clean to use.