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Winter Grit Bins

OUTCO can provide you with your own grit bins to ensure that your sites remain compliant and are always prepared for the unexpected. 

Winter Grit Bins

When the cold weather arrives it is important that sites have their own grit bins from which to perform emergency grit spreading on frozen paths, should the need arise. The last thing businesses want is to get caught out if the weather unexpectedly changes. Our grit bins are specifically designed to store salt on our customers’ sites. 

 OUTCO provides two grit bin services, either purchase or managed: 

Purchased OUTCO grit bins

OUTCO can supply customers with their own grit bins, shovels and other gritting accessories, and replace and maintain these throughout the season. We will also supply clients with a grit bin’s worth of salt. 

 To place an order for a top-up of salt, simply contact us as and when you need to. 

Managed OUTCO grit bins

Many of our clients prefer the option of having a fully managed OUTCO grit bin service. We will supply clients with all required grit bins, shovels and other gritting accessories, and replace and maintain these throughout the season. We will also remove the grit bin for customers at the end of the season. 

As part of our fully managed grit bin service, OUTCO will also keep grit bins topped up so that they never run out of gritting salt during the season. 

Most customers order their grit bins for delivery in the autumn. To order yours, simply contact us today and have your grit bin delivered directly to site before winter arrives. 

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